[elinks-users] REQ elinks client

Faux_Pseudo faux_pseudo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 20:45:19 PST 2005

emacs has a feature called server mode.
When you put emacs into server mode you can have emacsclient called as
the editor in your favorite apps that sport external editors (such as
slrn and mutt) it will launch a new buffer window in your main emacs
instance to do the editing instead of launching a new emacs.

With elinks tabbed browsing it would be nice if elinks could run in a
server mode so that when elinksclient is called from an app that
supports external browsers that the main elinks creates a tab with the
requested URL in it and then elinksclient exits leaving the new tab in
the main elinks and returning you to the application you called
elinksclient from.

This way only one elinks instance would ever be needed.

Any chance of someone developing this feature?

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