[elinks-users] some questions keyword-hotkeys, stayonhost

Robert Michel news at robertmichel.de
Wed Jul 20 14:51:02 PDT 2005


I like Elinks very much, but I have some questions:

1.) plain text URL on webpage, which is the best way to
open it in a new tab?
Sorry, I haven't understud it yet - I use copy paste
to a new xterm and start a nother elinks - is there
a trick how to mark it (with/without mouse) and open

(Would be nice to use vim Syntaxhighligtin and
mutt parsing to make plain text URL or plain Wiki text
[elinks] -> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/elinks
accessable) ;)

2.) Is it already possible to use a parser to 
open Links? E.g. webpage contains a Link with the Name
"next" hotkey "n" for direct access for this Link?

3.) Elinks has the function "-localhost 1", plucker
the fuctions "--stayonhost" "--stayonurl", is there
a similar function that Elinks download code only 
from [the host|the one given URL/document] and
shows deeplinks from other recurces only as link?

4.) Is there a way to give links on the same
host / other host different link-colors?

5.) Would be nice to have a function for bookmarked
pages to leave out parts of the webpage (not needed
text, menues, links...) - Does somebody knows a
proxy to filter out unneeded content?

Again I like elinks very much, probably only point 1
is a question for elinks-user, the others are more
ideas for next releases ;)

Greetings from Aachen,

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