[elinks-users] Nice feature

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Sun May 1 05:21:00 PDT 2005

Stephen Stocker <lpar at par1.net> wrote Sun, May 01, 2005:
>   I just noticed that the clock display (in CVS) now updates every minute, 
> regardless of whether you hit a key or happen to be doing anything with 
> ELinks.
>   It's a minor issue, but it's a nice touch!

The problem is that ELinks now constantly redraws and hogs the CPU:

 2952 jonas     15   0 12024 7180 3804 S  2.0  2.8   0:01.89 elinks

Would it be sufficient to only redraw once every minute?

Jonas Fonseca

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