[elinks-users] browse MS Word files

Alexey Tourbin at at altlinux.ru
Thu May 5 00:27:37 PDT 2005


I've got wvHtml, an utility which converts MS Word files to HTML (see
http://wvware.sourceforge.net/ for details).  Is there a way to take
advantage of this and browse *.doc files smoothly?  I.e. I want wvHtml
to be invoked somewhere in the middle before HTML rendering takes place.

I saw how HTML chunks are generated in e.g. protocol/gopher/gopher.c,
but this mechanism seems to be at least protocol-specific.

Using MIME/mailcap seems to be inappropriate here, since AFAIK there's
no way to give HTML code back to ELinks window.  Using less(1) is
required for some reason.

The last possibility is scripting (similar to source code highlight in
contrib/lua/hooks.lua.in), but it can't handle MIME-type information,
and the decision is based solely on filename suffix.

So... isn't there a better way?
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