[elinks-users] elinks 0.10.5 slow at resolving hostnames on Cygwin-X

Andrew Preater preater+gmane at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 17:27:06 PDT 2005


I have a problem with elinks under Cygwin-X on Win2000 SP4.  I didn't find
anything about it on the list on in the bugzilla, so here I am. :)

When I load a url, elinks spends a long time looking up the hostname of
the server: it will spend four or five seconds with the message 'Looking
up host' in the status bar.  When the page is eventually loaded it's
rendered at a blistering speed, but the hang at the beginning is annoying.

I normally call elinks from mutt using urlview, but it's reproducable
outside of mutt, and happens on both ftp and http urls.  I thought it
might be a bug in 0.10.5, so I tried the 'current' CVS build.  Makes no
difference.  This problem doesn't occur on my Linux (Mandriva 2005 LE)
machine, so maybe it's Cygwin-specific.  I'm not using a elinks.conf file,
so I'm not using any settings that could be causing problems... unless I
*should* be using some settings there?

A bit about my system:

$ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-5.0 octave 1.5.18(0.132/4/2) 2005-07-02 20:30 i686 unknown
unknown Cygwin

$ elinks -version
ELinks 0.10.5.CVS (built on Sep  5 2005 00:53:40)

Standard, No Backtrace, gzip, bzip2, Cascading Style Sheets, Protocol
(File, FTP, Gopher, HTTP, URI rewrite, User protocols), SSL (OpenSSL),
MIME (Option system, Mailcap, Mimetypes files), LED indicators, Bookmarks,
Cookies, Form History, Global History

I run elinks under an rxvt terminal window, specifically rxvt v2.7.10.

By the way, there's nothing wrong with my DNS server.  I'm using a Safecom
SAMR-4110 ADSL modem router as the server, but all that does is pass
through requests to my ISP's DNS server -- which is working fine.  I don't
have this problem in any other program, just elinks.

I've been trying the other lynx-derived browsers too.  They don't have
this problem, but I'd MUCH rather use elinks. :D

Can anyone suggest what I might do to overcome this problem?

Thanks in advance,

Andrew Preater

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