[elinks-users] Solaris Compile problem

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Thu Sep 8 17:04:58 PDT 2005

Jacob Daniel <jdaniel777 at gmail.com> wrote Thu, Sep 08, 2005:
> Hello,

Hi Jacob,

> I am not a C expert but I was trying to get elinks compiled on my
> Solaris box at work.
> I am getting a non-root directory compiled with some of the gnu
> utilities etc that I want to play with.  I have gotten gettext-0.14.5
> to compile.  Howeverm it seems this package is making the compile of
> elinks break.
> Any ideas on what the problem could be?  I have searched the archives
> but didn't see anything that would answer this question.

I have an idea. The line:

	#include <locale.h>

in src/intl/gettext/libgnuintl.h might include the system-wide gettext
header. I don't have a fix for it.

The non-optimal workaround is to pass --disable-nls to the configure
script. But then the UI will only be available in English.

Jonas Fonseca

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