[elinks-users] Italic color

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Wed Sep 14 10:11:19 PDT 2005

Alex'a X Spirit <sword at bonbon.net> wrote Sat, Sep 10, 2005:
> Hi, All!


> As I understand if we have `document.colors.use_document_colors = 0'
> than any values from user.css are ignored. If this is true,

No, the option you mention and the user.css file is two totally
different things, however the option might affect how stuff in user.css
is used. If you set it to '0' like in your example then only the default
HTML style plus stuff in user.css will be used. Increasing the chances
that document specific colors won't 'get in the way'.

> how can I
> change the default color value for text marked in html by <i> tag?

You should set the CSS option for the default stylesheet to point at
your user.css. You should have this in ~/.elinks/elinks.conf

	set document.css.stylesheet = "user.css"

Then put something like:

	i { text: red; }

in the ~/.elinks/user.css file. Then restart ELinks.

> For now it seems to be equal to "cyan" in 16-colors mode.

I don't know the exact codes, try to look at test/color.html. It would
actually be great to figure this out and have some note in contrib/ on
how to achieve the 16 different colors.

Jonas Fonseca

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