[elinks-users] [ANNOUNCE] ELinks-0.10.6

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Thu Sep 15 03:20:08 PDT 2005


Over the summer quite a few important updates have accumulated. Most
importantly the problem with key presses turning up as key prefixes,
which a lot of people has reported. Apart from the regular fixes this
release also brings many smaller improvements which should hopefully
make the life of the ELinks user much better. It hasn't gotten a lot of
testing so don't be surprices if a or 0.10.7 shows up in a few

Following is a summary of the changes in ELinks 0.10.6.

New features:

  - Add the option document.browse.forms.editor to allow users to change
    the external editor for textareas without having to change the
    environmental variable $EDITOR.  

  - Add --with-xterm configure option to specify how the X terminal
    emulater is to be invoked. Useful for package maintainers.  

Feature updates and improvements:

  - Do not use gethostbyaddr on Cygwin, where it causes long delays.  

  - Set the window title to the value of $TERM if X11 wasn't compiled
    in. Should hopefully make at least half the users happy. (debian bug

  - Allow +'s in option names so MIME-types like application/rdf+xml are
    handled correctly.  

  - If the user has begun entering a prefix, assume that further digit
    keys are to be added to that prefix, regardless of the value of
    document.browse.links.number_keys_select_link or whether alt is

  - Add support for menu shadows.

  - Let accesskey be case-sensitive and not only a-z, but any character
    including digits and punctuations.

  - Set X Terminal title to "title - ELinks" instead of "ELinks -
    title". (bug 689) 

  - Handle &#x0a; as a newline inside <pre>. (debian bug 211588) 

  - Skip string delimiters from the URL argument to --remote
    'openURL()'. It seems that urlview adds them and it should make
    'openURL(%s, new-tab)' do the right thing.  

  - Make the --help output reflect the fact that elinks accepts multiple
    URL's on the command line.

  - Make the 'Missing fragment'-dialog optional.

  - Prefer document meta header charset information over that sent by
    the server. Sometimes they differ.

  - Decode the downloading URI in the download dialog.  

  - Remove quotes from Content-Disposition: ...; filename="s", so the
    resulting filename is saner.  

  - Use the default document background color
    (document.colors.background) for empty documents. (bug 697)  

  - Added support for TT tag. Python docs use TT tags as anchors.

  - Frames colors are now affected by document.colors.{text,background)
    options changes.  

Bug fixes:

  - Remove illicit chars from the link title so it does not corrupt the
    screen when displayed in the status bar.

  - Fix various key presses turning up as key prefixes. (debian bug
    323260 and 324463)

  - Only open the goto URL dialog if no URI was passed on the command
    line.  (debian bug 310114) 

  - Fix the HTML element lookup to actually take all known elements into
  - Make elinks not check for stdin and stdout, if invoked in remote
    mode. If elinks is invoked in remote mode, from a program that
    redirects stdin and stdout to a file or pipe, elinks will leave
    remote mode. This is bad, if we already have a running session where
    we want to create a new tab/window.  

  - Fix directory listing issue with ftp://freebsd.isc.org/.  

  - Fix <XMP>-element handling.

  - Fix globbing of encoding extensions.

  - Fix focusing of input fields using mouse when the field doesn't have
    any history.

  - There is no /dev/stdin on Cygwin to open, so just use STDIN_FILENO. 

  - Fix crashes when pushing the Goto button in the cache manager and
    the browser is nowhere.  

  - Fix some gcc-4 warnings.

  - Fix garbled Lua error messages.

  - Fix crash for IPv6 FTP when EPSV was disabled.

  - Change the get-proxy hooks to properly free any old proxy string,
    making it possible to use more than one scripting backend without
    getting leaks.

Add to this various smaller fixes, cleanups and translation updates.
The complete changelog is available in the package.

Please, if a bug you reported in bugzilla (http://bugzilla.elinks.or.cz)
has been fixed help to close it or verify whether the bug is infact

As always you are more than welcome to join the insomniacs hanging out
at the #elinks IRC channel on irc.freenode.net if you want to report
issues or meet developers.

Jonas Fonseca

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