[elinks-users] Controling Media Player Launched from Elinks

Steve Holmes steve at holmesgrown.com
Thu Sep 29 13:43:47 PDT 2005

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I'm resending this because bouncing it with mutt didn't clear up
completely the to address.  So here it is again with proper return
addresses.  Sorry for the trouble.

When I wanna play a link over the internet through elinks, I've got my
mime types and mailcap so mplayer gets launched and that seems to work
fine but I can't get the keyboard to focus to mplayer.  I'm sort of
locked out.  I can't control elinks while mplayer is running and I can't
get into mplayer.  When the file finishes, I get control of elinks back.
Otherwise, I have to go into another console to kill mplayer if I don't
wanna wait for the file to end.  I think I'm missing an option some
place to get this to work right.  Can anyone help me out?  Thanks.

P.S.  I should note that I'm using version 0.10.5 right and plan to put
.6 later this week.  I'm doing all this in a text mode.  Is there any
way to gain control of the media player program after elinks launches
it?  Thanks.

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