[elinks-users] javascript don't work with elinks 0.11.1 et spidermonkey 1.5

yannick.le-ny at ifrance.com yannick.le-ny at ifrance.com
Tue Aug 8 05:20:42 PDT 2006

Hello ,

I compile
Spidermonkey 1.5 et Elinks 0.11.1 on solaris 8 with gcc-3.4.2 and make 3.80.
When I try to acesss to a web page with html and javascript, elinks display only the html part, all javascript part don't work or display.
ECMASCRIPT is enabled in the options manager.

Javascript example that i use to test:

 <TITLE>Hello in JavaScript</TITLE>
 document.write("<H1>Hello World !</H1>");

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Yannick LE NY

iFRANCE, exprimez-vous !
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