[elinks-users] Domain-based cookie permissions?

Anthony Chaumas-Pellet achaumas at wispery.info
Wed Aug 9 02:59:29 PDT 2006


I've been enjoying ELinks for some weeks now - 0.11 from Debian, and
now 0.12 checked out from GIT (yay for UTF-8 support! Very sturdy now,
in my experience). My one problem is with cooking up cookies the way I
like them.

The setting I currently use for cookie permissions is 1, aka "prompt
user at all times". While this setting keeps unwanted cookies out, it
can get annoying on some sites. My current record is of fourteen
cookie prompts in a row, a little too much for my tastes; bulletin
boards also seem to update cookies very frequently, thereby opening up
more prompts.

I have tried setting the cookies I want, and then setting the cookies
permissions to 0, with no further cookie accepted. This trick does
work on some websites requiring cookies, but fails on the phpBB site I
use, and isn't particularly elegant. So, I would like to handle
cookies on a per-domain basis, with a few domains going into the white
list, and all other cookies getting rejected (Konqueror does something
like that).

Does anybody have pointers on how to best achieve domain-based cookie
permissions ? There does not seem to be any such function through
browser scripting, and I haven't done much more than glimpse at the
source code yet (not that I'm much good at C)

Thanks in advance,
Anthony Chaumas

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