[elinks-users] [ANNOUNCE] ELinks-0.11.0

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Sun Jan 1 08:53:13 PST 2006

Hello and Happy New Year,

The annual Christmas release got delayed and instead we ended up with a
New Years release. Looking back at my notes for the roadmap of 0.11 only
about half of it has made it into the tree. This includes the BitTorrent
support that has been there since early summer and Ruby scripting.
Missing parts are RSS support which actually isn't so far away, and
inline images. Let's hope these things are taken care of before the next
big release.

I've decided to name the release `elated' because it is late but also
because lately some great things has happened and I am very optimistic
that ELinks is again moving in the right direction. Miciah has been
paving the way for a new ECMAScript scripting interface which looks very
promising already, and could in the future become an essential part of
ELinks. The DOM implementation has also recieved some much deserved
updates, among them are a test infrastructure to help find bugs faster
and restructuring that hopefully will ease the upcoming work on writing
a renderer that lives up to the Web standards of today. Finally, Witold
has cooked up a patch that improves support for UTF-8, it looks very
promising and will close one of the longer standing bugs.

I have been a bit reluctant to release 0.11.0 because it has not gotten
the 'spit and polish' you might expect of a release. Bug hunting season
ended early this year, you might say. On the other hand, this code is
already in use by several people and no really big problems has been
found. The only real issue is with the document ECMAScript code that has
been reported to crash regularly, but I regard it as still being
experimental and more a taste of things to come. Anyway, the bottom line
is that it might take a few updates before this new stable branch can
truely live up to its name.

The highlights of this particular release are listed below. See the NEWS
file or the elinks-0.11rc0 announcement for a list of what's new in
elinks-0.11 in general.

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo:

 - Regenerate Makefile.config automatically if config.status changed.
 - Fix update-po and check-po when srcdir != builddir.
 - Use $@ to simplify a rule and try to nullify metacharacters.

Laurent MONIN:

 - HTML table handling cleanups and optimizations.
 - French translation was updated.
 - Prevent successive calls to time(), since it doesn't have much

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters:

 - Use lua_toboolean() for boolean options instead of lua_tonumber(), so
   `set_option(opt, not get_option(opt))' will always work to toggle a
   boolean option.
 - Use tput instead of hardcoded escape sequences in the colorized make
 - SpiderMonkey based ECMAScript scripting backend.
 - When checking the GCC version, use $CC instead of just gcc so that we
   get the right version if the user sets CC.
 - Fix problem in the plain text renderer, where the linked text was
   offset from the URI when there were backspaces earlier on the line.

Petr Baudis:

 - Fix broken onClick on checkboxes etc.
 - Make the grafting script more usable.

Russ Rowan:
 - Colorize Pasky's build system a bit.
 - Clean up 'make clean' and 'make install'.
 - bugmenot.com changed their format, so go back to the old method of
   handling it.

Witold Filipczyk:

 - Fix problem with double decompression of local files

Jonas Fonseca:

 - Add key parameter to the tracker announce URI, that allows the
   BitTorrent client to identify itself. Needed by some trackers.
 - Don't try configured MIME handlers for application/x-bittorrent when
   BitTorrent is compiled in.
 - In addition to highlighting HTML files also highlight RSS and XBEL
 - Add example to contrib/user.css about how to configure colors used
   for HTML highlighting.
 - Make URLs inside CDATA sections, comments and text accessible when
   using the HTML highlighter.
 - Fix cleanall to actually clean all.
 - In the various managers, place the cursor at the start of the listbox
   text and only highlight the actual text.
 - Add a "Form fields" entry to the link menu (if it is a form field),
   so that it is easier to move between field in the same form. The menu
   can be opened by configuring a keybinding for the "link-form-menu"
 - Grab GITs shell script-based test infrastructure and add tests for
   basic SGML parsing.

May you time with ELinks be fruitful and bring you joy.

Jonas Fonseca

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