[elinks-users] Elinks and Local Shell Links

Nigel Hamilton nigel at turbo10.com
Sat Jan 7 12:02:51 PST 2006

Hi Jonas,

 	Thanks for the prompt reply to my problem. PLease see below for 
one more question.

>> 	Ideally I want to spawn off a new process based on a local link but
>> parameterize the call (e.g, vi +115 HelloWorld.java) based on link specific
>> parameters.
>> 	I'm really impressed with elinks and hope to use it ... but this is
>> 	the only snag? Any ideas on how I can achieve this with elinks. I would
>> also like to run the compiler via elinks (e.g., javac HelloWorld.java).
>> 	Any ideas?
> It depends on how much of this JavaDoc-esque HTML you are in control of.
> One problem is that if you specify an external handler, which seems to
> be what you want, ELinks will create a copy of the local file in a temp
> dir and you probably want to edit the file 'in place'. So if you can
> create a small file for each link with a special extention and
> containing the path to the file and the line to edit and then map that
> extension to an external handler that will start vi or whatever you want
> to do -- it could be a small shell script -- I think this could work.
> This will also make it possible to have ELinks release it's control of
> the terminal while your little shell script does it's thing.

 	Cool. I do have full control of all the JavaDoc-esque files. So I 
could call a local CGI that produces output with a mime-type that invokes 
an external handler. I definitely want to stay inside the current 
terminal and you're right I would like to update the file in situ. But how 
would I pass the line number to the external handler? (e.g./usr/bin/vi 
+120 HelloWorld.java)?

 	So if I had a local CGI 
(edit.cgi?line=129&program=HelloWorld.java) I could return a plain/text 
MIME type which invokes a 
/usr/bin/wrap_vi_to_overcome_tmp_file_problem_handler +120 

 	Is this how I could solve it? How could I pass parameters to the 

> Maybe you should just convince us to fix the caching of local files in
> temp directories, and make things much easier for you. ;)

 	I think I saw this was discussed in the history (bug 121)? I think 
you could make elinks even more powerful as a terminal form/windowing 
interface to the OS. I plan to use it to bridge the web and console world 
- the table and form rendering is great! ... how about a link protocol ... 
that the user can use to invoke a local shell? exec:// system:// or some 
sort of local "system" call which is an extended local CGI? Security is 
not a problem - it could be turned off by default.

 	Fingers crossed I can solve my problem ... without needing a new 
feature though ...


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