[elinks-users] ELinks and OpenBSD-sparc64

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Mon Jan 9 06:42:41 PST 2006

James Prevatt <jprevatt+elinks at paunix.org> wrote Sun, Jan 08, 2006:
> Hi all.  I am the port maintainer for ELinks in the OpenBSD ports
> collection.  I would like to find out if anyone else (particularly on
> other OS's, but same platform) has had any problems using ELinks
> on a sparc64 platform.  Others on the ports at openbsd.org list report
> that ELinks builds fine and starts up; but, they can't browse to
> any pages (no crash, it just sits there with a blank screen).  Thanks!

Does the problem go away if -no-connect or -no-home is passed? There are
some problems when connecting to really old ELinks versions.

Does the problem go away if interlinking is disabled? Hand-editing of
the top-level Makefile.config is required.

Jonas Fonseca

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