[elinks-users] elinks and 64-bit SPARC builds

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Mon Jan 9 10:03:40 PST 2006

I've now completed several attempts at building a 64-bit version of
elinks on Sun Solaris 10 SPARC systems.  I tried these versions:

	elinks-0.10.6	elinks-0.11rc0	elinks-0.11.0
	elinks-current-0.11-20060109	elinks-current-0.12-20060109

Compilations were with cc and c99, and all failed.  Most of the
failures look like this:

	      [CC]   src/osdep/getifaddrs.o
	"getifaddrs.c", line 97: incomplete struct/union/enum ifconf: ifconf
	"getifaddrs.c", line 118: undefined struct/union member: ifc_len
	"getifaddrs.c", line 119: undefined struct/union member: ifc_buf

It is distinctly unhelpful that the elinks Makefile conceals the
compiler command line.  This is a bad idea, and should be eliminated.

I don't plan to pursue fixes, since it seems to me to be of doubtful
utility to have a 64-bit version of any Web browser.  No realistic Web
site will have pages that exceed 2GB in size, apart from ISO images
for CDs and DVDs, which most browsers can already save successfully,
and if they cannot, GNU wget can.

In a recent timing experiment, I used wget to copy a 4GB DVD image
between local and remote systems.  Between local systems, the
transfers took between 2 and 5 minutes.  Between the University of
Utah and the University of Minnesota, 16 hops apart according to
traceroute, the transfer took about 3 hours.

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