[elinks-users] elinks and 64-bit SPARC builds

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Fri Jan 13 22:52:04 PST 2006

Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe at math.utah.edu> wrote Wed, Jan 11, 2006:
> This morning, I redid build attempts for elinks in a 64-bit SPARC
> Solaris 10 environment for these versions:
>         elinks-0.10.6
>         elinks-0.11rc0
>         elinks-0.11.0
>         elinks-current-0.11-20060109
>         elinks-current-0.12-20060109
> I used make options "V=1 -i -k" to display compiler lines, and force
> compilation attempts on the full source.  I also used simplified
> options with cc, just enough to choose a 64-bit build environment, but
> nothing else that would influence what parts of system header files
> got included.
> If an elinks developer wants to examine the logs, I can make them
> available privately off-list.

Sure I will have a look, although my past history of viewing your build
logs is not so productive.

> One thing that may be a show stopper at link-time is the need for
> 64-bit versions of several support libraries.  This morning, I built
> and installed a 64-bit version of -lbz2, but more such work may be
> needed.
> If the compilation errors in the code can be fixed, then we can see
> whether a 64-bit link and successful execution is possible.

I remember problems with finding 64-bit version of X11 being a problem.
We use an autoconf macro for this, so if autoconf is not of any help
(yet) it will probably be a lot of work.

Jonas Fonseca

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