[elinks-users] Adding preconfigured themes to the elinks website

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Tue Jan 17 14:58:35 PST 2006

Justin <justn at shaw.ca> wrote Mon, Jan 16, 2006:
> I would like to request a section to be added to the elinks web site 
> that offers themes for the elinks browser. Themes would be reviewed 
> before being added to the website by the elinks-users.

Great idea, do you have any themes you want to share?

I've more or less settled for the defaults but I know that some users
dislikes it's use of certain colors. One 'trick' I would like to add to
such a page is the ability to enable underlining of hotkeys in menus and
buttons instead of using colors.

Jonas Fonseca

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