[elinks-users] [ANNOUNCE] ELinks-0.11.1

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Sun Jan 29 05:06:38 PST 2006


Almost a month has passed since 0.11.0 saw the light of day so it's time
to update to 0.11.1. A lot of fixes have entered, most important one to
fix the problems with installing when national language support was
enabled. This release also have a few new features such as native
support for the FSP protocol.

I would like to also use this opportunity to mention that news about
ELinks are now available as an RSS feed. The latest news are always in
http://elinks.cz/news.rss and older news are kept in per year RSS feeds.
More info on the news page at http://elinks.cz/news.html about old news.

The highlights of this particular release are listed below:

Adam Golebiowski:

 - Update Polish translation (work mostly done by Jakub Bogusz)

Eric Wald:

 - Add ftplugin for setting Vim to the ELinks coding style. The .vimrc
   files has been removed since they are considered insecure.

Jonas Fonseca:

 - Fix various problems when srcdir is empty (that is when not doing out of
   tree builds).  Among other things this fixes installation with native
   language support enabled.
 - Also highlight HTML if the MIME type is application/xhtml+xml.
 - Add test of the FTP directory listing parser. Replaces the 'built-in' one.
 - Add a simple test of the mailcap cache.
 - Do a much needed update of the man pages.
 - Move the SGML entity database back to the format used by unicode.org: fixes
   b.delta to have the correct value 0x03B4.
 - Fix handling of files like 'a?b' given the command line, reported by rrowan.
   It broke (for the n-th time ;) in CVS version 1.317->1.318 back in August.
   The fix preserves the intend of that patch, namely to optimize the number of
   calls to file_exists().
 - This year's batch of Gopher fixes: Two crash fixes, and really make the
   directory 'view' the default.
 - As a stop gap measure avoid using NULL nonce and realms when doing
 - Various build fixes and improvements.
 - Misc configure.in fixes and simplifications.
 - Be more careful when copying .deps/*.pp files so they do not generate errors
   on systems where the compiler do not create them.
 - Make the 'make init' target safer, so it won't overwrite subdir Makefiles.
 - Create .gitignore file when builddir != srcdir so cg-status won't list files
   in the builddir if it is nested inside the srcdir.
 - Various improvements to the FSP support.
 - Don't contaminate CFLAGS with stuff from RUBY_CFLAGS.
 - Using <base href=""> for HTML source rendering so links are set correctly.
 - Detect whether asciidoc supports --unsafe; set ASCIIDOC_FLAGS accordingly.
 - Fix out of bound access to the scanned string.
 - Normalize all links added by the plain renderer, this ensures that the
   protocol and host name are lowercased, which is asserted in some parts of
   the code.

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo:

 - Don't include <sys/param.h> in util/math for MAX/MIN.
 - Fix pod2html errors in contrib/perl/hooks.pl.

Laurent MONIN:

 - Update French translation.
 - Add missing b flag to fopen() call.
 - Update year to 2006 in Copying message.
 - Fix update-po target which failed to notice a change in source tree.
 - Use PF_* instead of AF_* as first parameter of socket(2).
 - Use mode_t and mode macros everywhere.
 - Prefer S_I?USR and S_IRWXU flags over obsolete S_IREAD, S_IWRITE, S_IEXEC.
 - Upgrade config.charset to latest version from GNU gettext.
 - Fix a memleak that may occur on systems without alloca(), backport from GNU
 - Enforce locales env vars to be sure elinks generate English texts, when used
   from documentation scripts.
 - Use date -I for man page date, suggested by lindi.
 - Various documentation fixes and optimizations.

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters:

 - Change the keyboard accelerator for the cookie browser's Clear button to
   'l', which is safer and consistent with the other managers.
 - Check for hooks.js before trying to load it so there are no warning
 - Fix add_document_to_string to actually add stuff.
 - Fix GITweb smartprefix blob, tree, and history commands.
 - Add a rewrite rule for video.google.com to automatically play videos.
 - SMJS: Give user scripts access to the view_state and use it in

Witold Filipczyk

 - Add internal FSP protocol support replacing the support via CGI script.
 - Make PHP 5 happy by setting by setting REDIRECT_STATUS env var to "1".
 - Make ELinks more TCC (tiny C compiler) friendly.

Jonas Fonseca

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