[elinks-users] Elinks and Local Shell Links

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Sun Jan 29 08:07:09 PST 2006

Nigel Hamilton <nigel at turbo10.com> wrote Thu, Jan 26, 2006:
> Hi Jonas,


> 	Not too long ago you added a feature to enable insitu editing of 
> files on the client side:

Which turned out to be kind of broken, so you definitely want to either
hold on to that version or use the method I outline below, because I
plan to change the behaviour back to be more similar to the old way.
That is, to check if the file exists before executing the program.

> The good news is in-situ file editing works perfectly! Thanks heaps. So 
> this URL works:
> 	file:///home/search/turbo10/html/test.html.plugvi"
> However when I try embedding the line number to jump too ...
> 	file:///home/search/turbo10/html/test.html~341.plugvi"
> ... an elinks dialog box pops up with the message:
> 			Error
> 		Unable to retrieve file
> 		No such file or directory
> Any ideas?

Lots! ;)

Well, you could try to use the user protocol thing instead. That is, use
your own URL scheme and define a protocol handler which is the plugvi
script. ELinks will (still) release the terminal before executing the
plugvi script. So add something like this to ~/.elinks/elinks.conf

	set protocol.user.plugvi.unix = "plugvi %u"
	set protocol.user.plugvi.unix-xwin = "plugvi %u"


	<a href="plugvi://?file=/path/file;line=20">link</a>

And you script will get the URL (encoded) as an arg


As you can see the user defined protocol URLs are mangled (a bug) but
you should be able to workaround that. I've only played a little with
it but it should be much simpler than the other thing I proposed and not
subject to change.

I hope you will be able to get this to work this time.

Jonas Fonseca

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