[elinks-users] elinks charsets

cga2000 cga2000 at optonline.net
Fri May 5 23:50:12 PDT 2006

I'm running elinks 0.11.1 on a UTF-8 enabled xterm (uxterm) and I cannot
see any charset option (Setup -> Character Set) that remotely looks like

The only thing I have seen that would indicate some form of unicode
support in elinks is an option that I found under Setup -> Terminal
Options -> UTF-8 I/O. I checked this option and the only difference was
that after setting this option I am able to get the double-line
box-drawing characters (double lines if I also check "linux or OS/2
frames" under the same "Terminal Options" so I am unsure what this
option actually does.

What I noticed is that whether this option is set or not does not seem
to affect the rendering of languages with a different charset: sites in
some West European languages such as German or Spanish or French
sometimes are rendered correctly regardless of the setting of this
option (main pages of their respective Yahoo! pages for instance..) and
sometimes not so correctly - for some strange reason the accented vowels
are rendered correctly on http://es.yahoo.com but are replaced by
asterisks on http://es.sports.yahoo.com. I also saw some pages in French
where some characters are replaced by small squares and the 'c' with a
cedilla is rendered by a 'c' followed by a comma. 

On the other hand some languages such as Portuguese are never rendered
correctly: see the home page of Yahoo! Brazil for instance.

So I was wondering if there are settings that I could enter in the
elinks.conf (or other..) configuration file, if something is broken in
my elinks setup, or if internationalization is still a work in progress
with elinks and whether unicode settings are planned in future releases.



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