[elinks-users] re-binding "go forward" and "go back" keys via the Keybinding Manager

Robert Michel news at robertmichel.de
Wed May 17 00:20:12 PDT 2006

Salve cga2000!
(no realname?)

On Mon, 15 May 2006, cga2000 wrote:

> The "go forward" and "go back" keys on the context menu accessible via
> the "E" key are bound to "u" and "left". Apart from the fact that I
> cannot get "u" to do anything 

"u" stands for Go forward in history (history-move-forward) 
e.G you visit index.html -> 1.html -> 2.html

the list of history:
->	2.html

than you use "left" for "Go back" and it goes back to 1.html

the list of history:
->	1.html
Now you can use "u" to go back to 2.html

the list of history:
->      2.html 

Go back with "left":
 ->     1.html      

Go to 3.html:

You want to go to 2.html - use "h" for open the "Open history
manager (history-manager)"

> - possibly a misunderstanding on my part
> regarding the functionality that this function provides: I assume they
> correspond to the back/forward buttons on other browsers

Other browsers with GUI shows you if you there is somepage where
you can move-forward.

> - I would like
> to re-bind these keys to something more accessible.. replacing the back
> arrow in particular by something in the keyboard's home row in
> particular would make life a lot easier.
> The problem is that I have not been able to locate them under the
> Keybinding Manager popup. I used the Search button and still no joy. 

Don't seach for "u", collapes all, do search for e.g. "forward" 
(without ")

> Are they referenced under another name or is there a reason why they
> would appear to be missing?

AFAIK does the search only lookup the names of the keybindings.

maybe see:


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