[elinks-users] Questions about rendering of some web pages and Numbered Links

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Wed May 17 07:01:21 PDT 2006

Steve Holmes <steve at holmesgrown.com> wrote Sun, May 14, 2006:
> I would like to add to this thread another question concerning numbered
> links.  I notice on some pages the link numbers don't always coincide
> with the arrow keys when navigating a page.  I should probably explain
> further.  Say a page is numbered in proper numeric order 1 through 30.
> But as you arrow down a page, the highlight will stop at numbered links
> out of sequence such as going from #4, next to #15, then on through the
> rest of the proper sequence and then wrap around to #5, #6,... thru #14,
> then back to #1 and do this all over again.  The one site I know this
> for sure is my private banking website.  I can't think of a public one I
> can give you for the example.  I wonder if it might have to do with
> frame rendorring but don't recall if my banking site uses frames or not.

Consider a long page which has three columns for example using tables.
Due to how the HTML is structured all links in the first column will be
encountered by the renderer before any in the two other columns. If the
first column stretches over several pages the arrow keys will try to
first traverse all links in the currently viewed page before starting to
scroll. This may result in links being traversed out of order.

I hope that answers you question.

> As another side effect to this problem, typing the link number will not
> take you to the desired link because of the navigation sequence being
> wrong so they are tied together some how.

If link numbering seems to be broken, you can try to toggle the option:


I may sometimes have buggy affect on the allocation of link numbers.

Jonas Fonseca

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