[elinks-users] re-binding "go forward" and "go back" keys via the Keybinding Manager

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Wed May 17 07:08:14 PDT 2006

Robert Michel <news at robertmichel.de> wrote Wed, May 17, 2006:
> Salve cga2000!
> > - possibly a misunderstanding on my part
> > regarding the functionality that this function provides: I assume they
> > correspond to the back/forward buttons on other browsers

Yes, they correspond to back/forward buttons in graphical browsers.
Basically, the view state (what link you were on etc.) will be restored
when moving back and forth in this manner.

> > - I would like
> > to re-bind these keys to something more accessible.. replacing the back
> > arrow in particular by something in the keyboard's home row in
> > particular would make life a lot easier.
> > 
> > The problem is that I have not been able to locate them under the
> > Keybinding Manager popup. I used the Search button and still no joy. 
> Don't seach for "u", collapes all, do search for e.g. "forward" 
> (without ")
> > Are they referenced under another name or is there a reason why they
> > would appear to be missing?
> AFAIK does the search only lookup the names of the keybindings.

Yes, it is only possible to search the names of the keybinding actions.
> maybe see:
> http://elinks.or.cz/documentation/manpages/elinkskeys.5.html 

Or for an overview matching you own modified keybindings look at the
Keys dialog located in under Help in the main menu. It can be expanded
to list all configured keybindings grouped by the main, edit, and menu

Jonas Fonseca

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