[elinks-users] Should ELinks use U+303F IDEOGRAPHIC HALF-FILL SPACE?

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Wed Nov 8 02:34:20 PST 2006

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <kon at iki.fi> wrote Sun, Nov 05, 2006:
> ELinks 0.12.GIT supports fullwidth CJK characters, which span two
> display cells.  If it should display a fullwidth character, but
> there is only one display cell available (e.g. because another
> window covers the other cell), ELinks displays a space instead.
> Now, reading the Unicode 3.0 standard, I noticed U+303F
> IDEOGRAPHIC HALF-FILL SPACE, which might be more appropriate than
> the regular U+0020 SPACE.  On the other hand, U+303F seems to be
> missing from some fonts and may look uglier than a space.  So I'm
> not going to make such a change on my own.

I don't know if you could post a patch so it would be possible to
test it.

Jonas Fonseca

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