[elinks-users] [ANNOUNCE] ELinks 0.11.3

Jonas Fonseca fonseca at diku.dk
Sun Apr 15 14:02:40 PDT 2007


This release merges a lot of changes from the unstable branch.  It
mainly focuses on bug fixes, while it also adds a few enhancements.
Among the updates are various security related fixes, so people
following 0.11 are advised to update.

A big thanks goes to Kalle who did much of the work for this release.
Below is the complete shortlog of changes since version 0.11.2. See the
NEWS file for the highlights!

Adam Golebiowski (2):
      Polish translation was updated.
      Small typo in polish translation.

Eric Wald (1):
      Add support for forcing wrapping at the screen boundary

Jens Seidel (1):
      [INTL:de] German PO file corrections

Jonas Fonseca (17):
      BOOKMARKS: Fix XBEL calling add_bookmark() with NULL title
      Ignore test files
      FSP: Check and exit the file 'writer' process if writes to stdout fails
      Describe the document.uri_passing option in more depth
      BUILD: Always show manual and manpage build info, remove AC_SUBST dups
      Make ELinks more BSD console friendly
      Add a stupid test script to print CGI variables set by ELinks
      Fix misparsing of -remote URLs containing parenthesis (bug 830)
      Bug 831: Make it possible to quote args given to -remote
      Merge with git+ssh://pasky/srv/git/elinks#elinks-0.11
      Bug 899: Fix size handling in FTP directory listings
      Add support for more graceful detection of HTML content
      Fix crashes with various bogus BitTorrent URLs
      Fix assertion failure in the charset menu related to special codepages
      Fix warning from last patch
      Add .mailmap file to help git-shortlog

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo (75):
      Bug 846: Document the private data in each SMJS class.
      Bug 846: Comments on the relations between JSClasses and functions.
      Bug 846: Document the expected parents of SMJS class instances.
      Bug 846: Document the JSClass assumed in each JS_{Set,Get}Private call.
      Bug 846: Rename some local variables.
      Bug 846: Separate JS_GetParent & JS_GetPrivate calls from initializations.
      Bug 846: Add plenty of JS_InstanceOf assertions and checks.
      SMJS: keymap_get_property: fix build error
      Bug 846: Document the expected parents of form_elements_class instances.
      Bug 868: check_timers: Don't keep pointers to other timers past timer->func.
      Bug 846: {get,set}Property check JS_InstanceOf without asserting.
      Bug 870: Don't panic if an SMJS property ID is unrecognized.
      Bug 830: Check -remote command names more strictly.
      Bug 919, mem_mmap_realloc: Don't overflow the buffer when shrinking it.
      Bug 937, http_send_header: Don't send all headers to CONNECT proxy.
      Bug 937, http_send_header: Initialize the entry pointer.
      cgi: Ensure correct type of NULL pointer to variadic execl.
      cgi: Avoid assertion failure when the POST data is empty.
      textarea_edit: Cast size_t fx_maxlength to match "%u".
      XBEL: Fix us-ascii charset lookup.
      string_assert: First arg of elinks_internal is a format string.
      Reject CR and LF characters in FTP pathnames.
      ftp, add_file_cmd_to_str: Check errors from string functions.
      add_html_to_string: If out of memory, roll back and return NULL.
      add_string_to_string: Don't fail if @from is empty.
      NEWS update
      Advertise smb2.c to be included in ELinks 0.12.0.
      NEWS: -remote changes don't deserve two separate entries.
      NEWS: More details about Python goto_url_hook changes.
      NEWS: mention bug 769
      Bug 772: Recognize ESC [ Z as Shift-Tab, and bind it like Alt-Tab by default.
      NEWS: mention bug 772
      Bug 908, activate_link: Set fs->state before the fs pointer becomes invalid.
      NEWS: mention bug 908
      Bug 886: Document why delete_cookie does not set cookies_dirty.
      Bug 886: Postpone resaving the cookies until a bottom half.
      Bug 886: Update cookies_dirty after delete_cookie calls as appropriate.
      Bug 886: Set cookies_dirty if a cookie is edited via the manager.
      NEWS: mention bug 886
      BFU: Fix searching in menus past unselectable items.
      BFU: Fix infinite loops in menus that have only unselectable elements.
      NEWS: mention bug 24
      NEWS: mention bug 767
      NEWS: show the severities of bugs; mention bug 872
      NEWS: mention bug 927
      NEWS: mention bug 760
      NEWS: mention the crash in the file extensions menu
      NEWS: mention half of bug 396
      do_move_bookmark: Update comment to match reality.
      NEWS: more verbose descriptions from 0.12.GIT; mention bug 630
      NEWS: more verbose descriptions from 0.12.GIT
      "Do not show anymore" resets ui.success_msgbox, instead of toggling it.
      doc: cut-clipboard does not merely delete text from clipboard.
      NEWS: mention bug 768
      NEWS: mention bug 921 and Debian 313696
      NEWS: mention the SMJS null pointer crash
      Bug 880: Prevent SIGSEGV in init_python when -no-home is used.
      NEWS: mention bug 880
      Remove inaccurate information from README.Python.
      Revert 8bedf25b, "goto_url_hook takes 2 params not 1."
      NEWS: Undocument the reverted Python goto_url_hook change.
      NEWS: mention umask in secure file saving
      do_auth_dialog: Fix off-by-one error leading to reads of uninitialized memory.
      NEWS: mention the authentication dialog
      NEWS: mention decoding of URI fragment
      NEWS: mention the null pointer crash with $HTTP_PROXY
      NEWS: mention bug 729
      NEWS: mention bug 738 (fixed in 0.11.1)
      NEWS: identify bugs 715 and 694
      Bug 941: Survive an unexpected number of 227 or 229 FTP responses.
      NEWS: remote exploits first
      NEWS: mention bug 941
      fi.po: Made update-po
      fi.po: updates, mostly from 0.12.GIT
      Merge with http://elinks.cz/elinks-0.11

Laurent MONIN (8):
      Include <sys/types.h> and fix compilation on an old PPC/Debian system
      Fix compilation under gcc 4.x. Backported from gentoo portage.
      Fix segfaults caused by ruby scripting (gentoo bug #121247). Backported
      HTTP DIGEST AUTH: fix wrong sizeof(), patch by Vitaly Lavrov (added to
      Let be more tolerant with buggy meta refresh. It should fix bug 767.
      Compilation fix: _GNU_SOURCE has to be defined on GNU platforms to get
      Fix crash due to untested null pointer occuring when doing
      French translation was updated.

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters (13):
      SMJS: keymap_set_property: fix build error
      Use enum connection_state
      refresh_view: drop unnecessary call to redraw_from_window
      Initially place cursor on  the current listbox item
      Update Lua configure check for 5.0
      Re-use @fs in activate_link instead of introducing a new local variable
      Bookmarks: Fix update after move
      do_move_bookmarks: replace destb and desti parameters with insert_as_child flag
      MIME: fix crash with empty File extensions menu
      menu_handler: Don't call get_parent_ptr for redraw events
      SMJS: fix segfault on exit
      Secure file saving: restore umask after _all_ failure conditions
      Decode the fragment identifier extracted from the URI when looking it up

Petr Baudis (2):
      Cure few of my ie.-vs-e.g. sins

Russ Rowan (1):
      Scary stuff indeed.

Timo Lindfors (1):
      Fix bug #741: "html comments shouldn't be evaluted inside STYLE elements"

Witold Filipczyk (21):
      Compilation fixes
      Compilation fix when --without-openssl was used
      Compilation fix
      Added slash to base href when directory didn't end with '/'
      goto_url_hook takes 2 params not 1. Some dumbprefixes defined in hooks.py
      Info about Python scripting
      Add slash after host required by URI_HTTP_REFERRER_HOST
      Removed *.html and fixed typos
      >& is bashism
      spec: s/gawk/awk/
      cgi: set_nonblocking_fd
      POST method of CGI did not work. It works now.
      cgi: Fix the possible memleak and close pipes in case of error.
      ftp: ftp didn't handle filenames with spaces.
      Accesskey didn't work as it should.
      accesskey: start iterating with next link.
      get_attr_value: do not do trim_chars
      The fix for the bug 927.
      Fix the memleak. Part II of the 927 bugfix.
      Removed outdated entries.
      Bugfix for bug 768

Jonas Fonseca

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