[elinks-users] Rendering <IFRAMES> with ELinks

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo kon at iki.fi
Sat Feb 3 08:44:47 PST 2007

Nigel Hamilton <nigel at mail.turbo10.com> writes:

>    Rendering this framed page with elinks works well: 
> http://www.eits.uga.edu/webhelp/css/framere.html
>    But is there a way to do the equivalent with IFRAMES?

Not currently.  In src/document/html/parser/parse.c, we have:

 {"IFRAME",      html_iframe,      NULL,                 1, ET_NON_PAIRABLE},

Then in src/document/html/parser/link.c, html_iframe calls
html_iframe_do, which calls put_link_line to generate a link to
the URI given in the src attribute.  There is no provision for
following that URI automatically and rendering the resource as
part of the parent.  I'm not really familiar with the HTML engine
so I don't know how difficult that would be to implement.
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