[elinks-users] Editing forms using UTF-8

gmane.comp.web.elinks.user at expires-on-2007-02-22.usenet.andreas-borchert.de gmane.comp.web.elinks.user at expires-on-2007-02-22.usenet.andreas-borchert.de
Wed Feb 14 02:57:26 PST 2007

I have a website with text fields in forms that use UTF-8 characters [1]
that delivers its web pages in UTF-8. I have a working UTF-8 locale on
my system [2], I can actually see all the symbols I am interested in, and
my vim installation is happy to work with UTF-8.

The only remaining problem is to get the original UTF-8 contents from
elinks [3] to vim [4]. Unfortunately, it is converted to ISO-8859-1 and all
characters not representable in ISO-8859-1 end up as substitute sequences,
e.g. /- for the cross.

Is this supported? Am I missing some configuration option? Is it
supported by the current development tree? Any help is appreciated
as I love the combination of elinks with vim.


[1] Nothing fancy, just Wikipedia including its extended set of symbols.
[2] Solaris 10
[3] ELinks 0.11.1
[4] I've set document.browse.forms.editor to vim with some useful
parameters for the Wikipedia.

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