[elinks-users] Tabbed browsing while using external editor?

Kelly Jones kelly.terry.jones at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 13:08:27 PDT 2007

When editing one Mediawiki page (using elinks + emacs as my external
editor), I often want to check other pages for reference. However,
elinks "hangs" until the external editor is done. Can I do tabbed
browsing while using an external editor?

Thoughts I had and things I tried:

% Setting editor to "emacs &" doesn't work at all. I'm guessing elinks
does "external-editor-name tmpfile" and "emacs & tmpfile" makes no

% Setting editor to "foo.pl" and having "foo.pl" do system("emacs
$ARGV[0]&") doesn't work either, but it does work w/o the "&". It
looks like elinks deletes its temp file after the external editor
terminates. Once foo.pl backgrounds emacs, it (foo.pl) terminates, so
elinks thinks the editing is finished.

% When I use emacs in screen (I changed my screen "escape" character
to ctrl-b), ctrl-b still works: screen "intercepts" the keystroke and
processes it before emacs can. Can elinks intercept keystrokes?

% It looks like "elinks -remote xfeDoCommand(openBrowser)" and "elinks
-remote openURL(URL, new-window)" might do the trick w/ clever
options, but I couldn't quite get this to work.

% Is there a LUA script that might help?

% The hard part (I think): once you're done w/ the external editor,
your have to tell elinks "take the contents of
/tmp/elinks-area-whatever and stick it back into that textbox I was
editing, even though I backgrounded the editor and you probably forgot
all about it"

Thoughts? Help?

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