[elinks-users] Javascript event support in eLinks?

Roger Alix-Gaudreau Rgaudreau at manh.com
Wed Jun 6 04:30:21 PDT 2007

Good morning,
I am running eLinks with the SpiderMonkey engine compiled in, and I am having some trouble using the onkeypress event, when it's registered for the document as a whole.  That is, I have a piece of script at the bottom of the page that registers the onkeypress event for the document:
Earlier in the document is a script defining the evalKey function, which takes the keyboard event and analyzes it, to determine if a certain key was pressed and take some action:
     function evalKey(e)
        //do some analysis
This works just fine in Firefox/Mozilla, and I can trigger the function in eLinks with an onclick event registered to a key, but it doesn't work in eLinks with the onkeypress event registered to the document.  Is this due to a limitation in eLinks's document support, or a problem in the code supporting the onkeypress event, or a limitation in eLinks's support of the event model?
My next step is to try registering the onkeypress event with the text field, but that's less than ideal -- I'd like to be able to capture and analyze the user's keystrokes whether the text field has focus or not.
Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer,
Roger Alix-Gaudreau
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