[elinks-users] Changing the color of Google's input areas.

cga2000 cga2000 at optonline.net
Fri Sep 14 13:40:25 PDT 2007

Would anyone know off the top of their head where I can cause the
background color of input areas to change when they are "ready" to
accept typing. 

By "input areas" I mean those places where you can enter search
keywords, your password, name and address .. etc. ??

For instance when presented with the famous search engine at
www.google.com -- advanced search, I see the following:

    With all the words:                [4] ________________

So with my config..

I type "4"               this focuses and highlights link #4

I hit <enter>            .. should change the color of the field
                         letting me know he's ready to accept text

Well, I did some massive tweaking of my colors (UI and document) and one
of my changes apparently affected the background color of text-entry
fields when they are focused and ready to accept text and now there is
no visible difference between "selected link" and "field ready for text

I couldn't find anything under "Document > Default Color Settings" that
remotely looks like it might have anything to do with the background
color or text-entry fields.

I tried changing all my background colors both under Document and User
Interface one at a time to something obvious like "black" (and then
resetting them one at a time :-( ) and I think I went through all of
them and still not joy.

So if anyone remembers where I can change this, I would be very
appreciative if they could give me a push in the right direction.


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