[elinks-users] Changing the color of Google's input areas.

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters miciah.masters at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 05:17:55 PDT 2007

On Fri, Sep 14, 2007 at 04:40:25PM -0400, cga2000 wrote:
> Would anyone know off the top of their head where I can cause the
> background color of input areas to change when they are "ready" to
> accept typing. 
> [...]

In draw_current_link, there is this line:

   i = !link_is_textinput(link) || ses->insert_mode == INSERT_MODE_OFF;

So, make sure that document.browse.links.colors.invert is enabled.

There is no option to specify the colours of text fields specifically;
they just take the colours of regular text in the document.  There is
similarly no way to configure ELinks to differentiate between active and
non-active or active in insert mode other than inverting the colours.

So, currently, the only option is to enable the invert option, to give
textareas the foreground and background colours of normal text while you
are in insert mode or it is disabled (i.e. text editing is modeless) and
those same colours inversed otherwise; or to disable the invert option,
which means that whether the textarea is focused is distinguished solely
by emboldening the text.

For the first issue, I was going to suggest using a user stylesheet.
Unfortunately, there is an issue in the current HTML engine that
prevents styles from being applied to elements of a certain set, which
includes textarea and input elements.  I'll try to fix the problem
later, but I'ven't time just now.  The second issue might then be
resolved either via a new option (but we already have too many) or via
support for CSS's :focus psuedo-class (which might be tricky within the
limitations of the current design).


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