[elinks-users] elinks: mime-type changes

jk at buero-ix.de jk at buero-ix.de
Tue Apr 8 05:14:39 PDT 2008


I generate for a site via fpdf (script-name: druck.php) a druck.pdf - with mime-type "application/pdf" in his header (please see http://www.werkleitz.de/~ub -> impressum -> Druckversion) and the most browser accept this.

Except elinks: there comes a window with: "What to do?" and "What would you like to do with the file 'druck.pdf' (type: application/pdf)?", with input-field "kpdf %" and "open, save, display, show header, cancel". If I now use "save" so it saves the file as druck.pdf and after this I can open it as a pdf-file. But if I choose "open", so I get the following error-message in kpdf: "Could not open file:///tmp/elinkcoHwSL.php" and in elinks "kpdf: Warning: Unknown mimetype 'application/x-php'".

Why elinks changed the mime-type and the file-ending back to .php? And how can I say elinks to do the right? Or is it maybe a bug?

thank you for help

Jens Koch++

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