[elinks-users] "No JDK 1.2 support" problem

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo kon at iki.fi
Sun Apr 13 10:10:08 PDT 2008

j.halifax . <j.halifax at seznam.cz> writes:

> Could you please help me with using java-applet web site with elinks?

ELinks does not support Java applets, and I think such support
will never be implemented.

Because java.applet.Applet is based on AWT, which uses pixel
coordinates for drawing, it would be difficult to display the
applet in a character-cell terminal.  It could require rewriting
large parts of AWT, and even then the result might not be good
enough.  If ELinks supported graphics (enhancement 18), things
would be easier, but there are already many well-maintained
browsers in that niche and I don't personally see any point in
trying to compete with them.

If you have X available, you may be able to configure ELinks to
pass the web page URL to an external appletviewer program.
Kaffe's appletviewer apparently reports
AppletContext.showDocument calls to stderr, and you could then
write a script to capture that output and run the appropriate
elinks -remote commands.

> I need to access a website that uses Java applet and elinks
> (under up-to-date Fedora 8) gives me the error message of "No
> JDK 1.2 support for APPLET!!".

That message is in the HTML; ELinks does not know about JDK.

> <PARAM NAME="code" VALUE="security.gui.MainApplet.class">
> <PARAM NAME="codebase" VALUE="classes">
> <PARAM NAME="archive" VALUE="common.jar">
> <PARAM NAME="type" VALUE="SOME_PATH/x-java-applet;version=1.2">
> <PARAM NAME="model" VALUE="models/HyaluronicAcid.xyz">

I find it odd that security.gui.MainApplet does anything with

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