[elinks-users] [ANNOUNCE] ELinks 0.12pre1

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo kon at iki.fi
Tue Jul 1 05:21:29 PDT 2008

ELinks 0.12pre1

This is the first prerelease for ELinks 0.12.

Looking back

Of the three features hinted at in the ELinks 0.11.0 release
announcement, the improved UTF-8 support by Witold Filipczyk and Pavol
Babincak has become the main point of ELinks 0.12.  Miciah Dashiel
Butler Masters has extended the ECMAScript scripting interface (not
used for SCRIPT elements in HTML) and added samples in contrib/smjs/
but it remains an optional component.  Jonas Fonseca has worked on the
DOM parser and renderer but they are still experimental and disabled
by default.

User-visible changes since ELinks 0.11.4

Notable new features:

* enhancement 822: UTF-8 as terminal charset, not merely UTF-8 I/O
  of a unibyte codepage as in previous versions.  Double-cell (aka
  fullwidth) and supplementary characters work too, but combining
  characters and right-to-left text do not.  The only multibyte
  charset ELinks can decode is still UTF-8, so if the server outputs
  e.g. Shift-JIS, you'd better recode with a proxy.  See more notes
  in features.conf.
* enhancement 844: SMB protocol using libsmbclient.  This replaces
  the smbclient-based code that was disabled in ELinks 0.11.2.


* ECMAScript support is now disabled by default.  It has known
  bugs 548 and 771 with which malicious web pages can hang ELinks,
  and its security goals are undocumented.  If you must enable
  ECMAScript support, it would be prudent to restrict the ELinks
  process with a sandbox of some kind.
* ECMAScript support no longer works with SpiderMonkey versions
  earlier than JS1.5 RC3a.
* Gzip decompression support now requires zlib or later.
* bugs 871, 752: The numbering of terminal.*.colors no longer depends
  on config options.  This change makes elinks.conf portable between
  different configurations but unfortunately not between this and
  previous versions.
* Changed Python goto_url_hook(current) to goto_url_hook(new).  The
  hook can call the new function elinks.current_url() if desired.
  The Python scripting back-end is much more featureful than in
  previous releases, but it is still considered experimental.
* Guile scripting reads hooks.scm rather than internal-hooks.scm.
  (It still reads user-hooks.scm, too.)


* critical bug 723: fix dangling pointer crash when following a link
  in a frame
* critical bug 756: ``assertion (cached)->object.refcount >= 0 failed''
  after HTTP proxy was changed
* critical bug 869: long mailcap entry buffer overflow (non-security)
  when downloading
* tabs opened by -remote now go behind existing dialogs
* major bug 534, enhancement 517: fix HTTP gzip and bzip2
  decompression, and add deflate and LZMA (requires LZMA Utils)
* major bug 503: various fixes in parsing and updating of elinks.conf
* Debian bug 257762: turn terminal transparency off by default
* bug 770: when the user chooses to resume an HTTP download, abort the
  automatically started one and start a new one with the right range
* bug 724: better parsing of escape sequences and control
  sequences from the terminal
* bug 948: fix wrong UTF-8 output after the charset menu was used
* bug 816: convert entity references in input/@value only once
* bug 916: if a mailcap entry has no %s, provide the file as stdin
* bug 744: don't change ``//'' to ``/'' in URIs
* bug 766: speed up CSS
* bug 355: add documents displayed via ``What to do'' dialog to the
  global history
* encode and decode filenames in FSP URLs
* don't use a busy cache entry if it has expired or should be
  reloaded.  See elinks-users mail from 28 Oct 2005.
* several accesskey fixes
* in Lua: don't write to the string returned by lua_tostring
* minor bug 972: preserve the background color and underlining in
  spaces when justifying
* minor bug 284: render closing bracket for HTML element SUB in the
  same line; don't let it fall to the next
* minor: show quote characters for HTML element Q, rather than italics
* trivial bug 387: treat 
 inside <pre>...</pre> as a newline
* trivial bug 930: refresh status bar when key prefix is eaten
* trivial bug 776: ``elinks -remote http://elinks.cz/'' no longer clears
  the screen
* enhancement 790: If-Modified-Since and If-None-Match
* enhancement: HTTP negotiate-auth using GSSAPI
* enhancement: FSP progress indicator and password prompt
* enhancement: autocreate directories needed to download a file
* enhancement: ``Add server'' button in the cookie manager
* enhancement 887: ``Save'' in the cookie manager now saves cookies
  even if unmodified
* enhancement 145: internal clipboard support
* enhancement: new main actions move-cursor-line-start,
  move-link-down-line, move-link-left-line, move-link-right-line,
* enhancement: new edit actions kill-word-back, move-backward-word,
* enhancements 687, 688: options ui.tabs.top, ui.show_menu_bar_always
* enhancement: highlight links as one enters link prefixes
* enhancement: backspace backs out the last digit of the prefix
* enhancement: in text type-ahead searching, don't follow current link
  on enter
* enhancement: add support for parsing space separated CSS class
  attribute values
* enhancement: make meta refresh content attribute parsing more tolerant
* enhancement: recognize meta http-equiv="cache-control" even if no
* enhancement: mouse wheel support over GPM (contrib/gpm-wheel.patch),
  and on BSD via moused -z 4
* enhancement: 24-bit truecolor mode
* enhancement 622: -dump-color-mode
* enhancement 994: treat only termios.c_cc[VERASE] as "Backspace"
* enhancement: support Ctrl+Alt+letter key combinations
* enhancement 381: reduce memory consumption of codepages and some
  other arrays
* enhancement in user SMJS: new properties/functions elinks.action,
  elinks.execute, elinks.globhist, elinks.load_uri, elinks.vs

Build system and compile-time errors (ignore if you don't build ELinks):

* serious Debian bug 464384: fix warnings in alignof, ssl_connect, and
  printing of off_t values
* bug 725: fix version checking for Ruby in 'configure'
* enhancement: if make -k was used and a sub-Make fails, build the
  rest before propagating
* enhancement: make uninstall
* experimental enhancements: --with-python=DIRECTORY, --with-gc=DIRECTORY
* experimental enhancement: Win32 port (build with MinGW MSYS)

Changes in the experimental ECMAScript support:

* disabled by default, as mentioned under ``Incompatibilities'' above
* execute event-handler scripts as function bodies, so ``return''
  statements work as intended
* fix error ``forms.namedItem is not a function''
* enhancement: SEE ECMAScript backend, an alternative to SpiderMonkey
* enhancement: handling onsubmit
* workaround: window.open remembers the last few URLs and doesn't
  reopen them when incremental rendering reruns the onload script
* enhancement: better handling of form.action assignments
* enhancement: form[x] looks up controls also by 'id', not only 'name'
* enhancement: added document.location.href, input.selectedIndex,
  window.setTimeout, window.status

Changes in the experimental NNTP client:

* HTML escape header field values
* Add support for handling RFC2047 encoded words
* Improve listing of articles for groups

Changes in the experimental SGML/DOM implementation:

* enhancement: minimalistic RSS renderer
* enhancement: source highlighting also recognizes
  application/xhtml+xml and application/docbook+xml.  It doesn't yet
  support arbitrary XML though.
* enhancement: make it possible to use more CSS properties with the
  source highlighting
* enhancement: handle <base href=""> for HTML source rendering
* enhancement: add support for scanning comment endings such as
  '--!>' correctly
* enhancement: incremental parsing
* and more.

Statistics and authors

It feels like a lot has changed between 0.11.0 and 0.12pre1, but the
numbers show that the step from 0.10.0 to 0.11.0 was somewhat larger,
even though it took far less time.

Changes from ELinks 0.10.0 to ELinks 0.11.0:
 1040 files changed, 172844 insertions(+), 164531 deletions(-)
 372 days, 3651 commits, 14 authors

Changes from ELinks 0.11.0 to ELinks 0.11.4:
 387 files changed, 37232 insertions(+), 30019 deletions(-)
 901 days, 454 commits, 14 authors

Changes from ELinks 0.11.0 to ELinks 0.12pre1:
 768 files changed, 127871 insertions(+), 75184 deletions(-)
 911 days, 2250 commits, 19 authors as listed below:

 Adam Golebiowski
 Eric Wald
 Jens Seidel
 Jonas Fonseca
 Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
 Laurent MONIN
 M. Levinson
 Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters
 Nerijus Baliunas
 Paul B. Mahol
 Pavol Babincak
 Petr Baudis
 Rich Felker
 Russ Rowan
 Simon Josefsson
 Thomas Adam
 Timo Lindfors
 Witold Filipczyk
 Y Giridhar Appaji Nag

Looking forward

ELinks 0.12pre1 has the following bugs that were not in 0.11.3.
These should be fixed before the 0.12.0 release:

* Bug 765 - Opening a new tab can ask about the document of the
  previous tab
* Bug 943 - Crash: BFU points to a freed struct type_query
* Bug 955 - FORM/@onsubmit is called for reset buttons too

There are also a few other bugs scheduled for 0.12.0:

* Bug 771 - Infinite loop is not well handled
* Bug 954 - Each DOM access results in a different object
* Bug 952 - struct form_view possibly freed before ECMAScript objects

It seems unlikely that these fixes would require changing the user
interface, so now is a good time for translators to bring the PO files
up to date.

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