[elinks-users] elinks dies with weird message if ~/.elinks not writeable

Mikel Ward mward at aconex.com
Mon Oct 13 19:33:24 PDT 2008


In elinks 0.11 and 0.12, I get this error message on startup:
  ERROR at interlink.c:329: The call to connect() failed: 13 (Permission denied)

Which doesn't give me enough information to understand the cause.

Running it inside strace shows that it couldn't create a Unix domain
socket in ~/.elinks because that directory wasn't writeable by me.

The attached patch makes it print this instead:
  ERROR at interlink.c:343: connect() failed on /home/mward/.elinks/socket0: 13 (Permission denied)

I hope you can use it or implement something like it.



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