[elinks-users] ELINKS + JavaScripts

Luca Mezi mezi at frascati.enea.it
Wed Jul 22 00:08:03 PDT 2009

Dear ELINKS Team, 
first of all, let me thank you very much for your work !!!

I am a blind Linux (SlackWare) user. Usually, I use LYNX to navigate and
browse internet, but ELINKS seems to be more evolute and under 
continuous developmet; so I am going to move to ELINKS.
One of my problems is the exploration of web sites based on JavaScripts
navigation, even if they really don't need that.
For example, the intranet of my Company can not be browsed by LYNX because
of JavaScripts, but it just contains sipmle menus and text or pdf 
documents !!!
Following the instructions, I have configured, compiled and installed
ELINKS, with the inclusion of the ECMAScript (SpiderMonkey).
Here is what comes out when I type ``elinks --version''  :

ELinks 0.12pre5
Built on Jul 17 2009 16:10:46

Standard, IPv6, gzip, bzip2, No mouse, UTF-8, Periodic Saving, Viewer
(Search History, Timer, Marks), Cascading Style Sheets, Protocol
(Authentication, BitTorrent, File, CGI, Finger, FTP, Gopher, HTTP,
NNTP, SMB, URI rewrite, User protocols), SSL (OpenSSL), MIME (Option
system, Mailcap, Mimetypes files), LED indicators, Bookmarks, Cookies,
ECMAScript (SpiderMonkey), Form History, Global History, Scripting
(Spidermonkey ECMAScript), Exmode, Goto URL History

Probably there are some my mistakes, but I can not open my Company intranet
site by using ELINKS, in the same way of my ``old'' and, perhaps, 
obsolete LYNX.
Could you help me?
Best regards



Dr. Luca Mezi
Dipartimento  Tecnologie Fisiche e Nuovi  Materiali
(Physics Technologies and New Materials Department)
Via E. Fermi 45, 00044 Frascati (Roma) Italy
Tel./phone: +39 06-9400-5562  (5556 lab.)
Fax:        +39 06-9400-5334
E-mail:     mezi at frascati.enea.it
WEB:        http://www.frascati.enea.it/fis/lac/excimer/

. .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. .

*** CMAS (ITAFP304000497);
Hi-tek Staff Instructor HSA (135236/h/sh/is);
Technical Deep-Air 60m PSA/PTA (D-4145);
Nitrox-Decompression   PSA/PTA (D-4450).

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