[elinks-users] youtube2.js problem in latest Elinks snapshot

Stephen Stocker lpar at terraworld.net
Sun Mar 1 15:20:05 PST 2009

   Hi again,

   This may not be strictly an Elinks issue, as it's caused by the 
youtube2.js script. Upon staring Elinks and everytime I follow a link, I'm 
getting a dialog pop up, saying

"An error occurred while running a Spidermonkey ECMAScript script:
A client script raised the following exception:
TypeError: uri.match is not a function"

   Commenting out youtube2.js in hooks.js gets rid of the problem, but also 
leaves me without the youtube download link. It's not a big deal, I just 
wanted to mention it. It comes in handy for me sometimes.

   Thanks for any help,

Hope, Despair and the Triumph of Life
   Abuse Prevention/Survivor Support

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