[elinks-users] [ANNOUNCE] ELinks 0.11.6

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo kon at iki.fi
Sat Mar 21 15:36:52 PDT 2009

ELinks 0.11.6

This is a bug fix release.

* critical: fix double-free crash if EOF immediately follows </MAP>
* critical bug 1053: fix crash if a download finishes after ELinks has
  closed the terminal from which the download was started
* major bug 1004: ignore locales when comparing HTML element names and
  similar strings, so e.g. ``title'' matches ``TITLE'' even in the
  Turkish locale
* minor: clicking a link with the mouse activates that link, rather
  than the one selected with move-cursor-* actions
* build bug 1047: attempt to make inline functions satisfy C99 6.7.4p3
  so that ELinks can be built on OpenSolaris

Authors since ELinks 0.11.5:

  Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
  M. Vefa Bicakci

This release of ELinks is mostly licensed under version 2 of the
GNU General Public License.  More permissive licences apply to
some parts of it.  There is also test/optgroup.html under the GNU
Free Documentation License but binary packages of ELinks would
presumably omit that.

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