[elinks-users] adjusting the page width

John Magolske b79net at gmail.com
Fri May 8 09:12:15 PDT 2009


I'm running ELinks in a Linux framebuffer console & GNU Screen, and
am looking for a way to adust the width of viewed pages. My console
is set to 128 columns, which can be a bit wide sometimes. I'd like
to view pages in the 80-90 column range.

In ~/.elinks/elinks.conf setting:

    document.browse.margin_width = 9

will reduce the page width to 110 columns, but 9 is the maximum
value that can be set. Is there some way to achieve a narrower page
width? It would also be nice to somehow toggle between full-width
and reduced-width with a key binding.

TIA for any suggestions,


John Magolske

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