[elinks-users] [ANNOUNCE] ELinks 0.12pre4

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo kon at iki.fi
Sun May 31 02:25:48 PDT 2009

ELinks 0.12pre4

This is the fourth prerelease for ELinks 0.12.

This release of ELinks is mostly licensed under version 2 of the GNU
General Public License.  More permissive licences apply to some parts
of it, and there is also one test file under the GNU Free Documentation
License; please see COPYING for the list.

User-visible changes since ELinks 0.12pre3


* build: You can no longer specify the location of GNUTLS using
  ``configure --with-gnutls=DIR''.

Fixed crashes:

* critical bug 1077: Fix crash opening a ``javascript:'' link in a new
  tab.  (Also fixed in ELinks 0.11.6.GIT.)
* critical bug 1071: Fix crash in get_dom_node_child.  (ELinks
  0.12pre1 was the first release that had this bug.)

Build system:

* Debian build bug 526349: Include asciidoc.py from AsciiDoc 7.1.2,
  to remove all dependencies on the installed version.
* Debian build bug 529821: Use ``pkg-config gnutls'' instead of
  ``libgnutls-config'', which is not included in GNUTLS 2.7.x.
* build enhancement: Recognize ``configure --without-tre''.

Everything else:

* Debian bug 528661: If using GNUTLS 2.1.7 or later, disable various
  TLS extensions (including CERT and SERVERNAME) to help handshaking
  with the SSLv3-only bugzilla.novell.com.
* bug 765: Opening a new tab no longer asks about the document of the
  previous tab.  (ELinks 0.12pre1 was the first release that had this

Authors since ELinks 0.12pre3

Hema Seetharamaiah
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo
Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters
Witold Filipczyk

Known regressions

ELinks 0.12pre4 has the following bug that was not in 0.11.6.
This should be fixed before the 0.12.0 release:

* Bug 943 - Crash: BFU points to a freed struct type_query

There is also one other bug scheduled for 0.12.0:

* Bug 771 - Infinite loop is not well handled

This list is now a bit shorter than in the 0.12pre3 announcement.  :-)

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