[elinks-users] JavaScript Problems

Rashid r.kratou at tu-bs.de
Tue Sep 1 09:44:41 PDT 2009

Hi guys,

I have builded 0.11.x and 0.12.5 pre Release with
ecmascript/spidermonkey for javascript support. German Output of

ELinks 0.12pre5
Built on Sep  1 2009 17:28:36

Besondere Eigenschaften:
Standard, IPv6, gzip, bzip2, UTF-8, Periodic Saving, Viewer (Search
History, Timer, Marks), Cascading Style Sheets, Protokoll
(Authentication, File, FTP, HTTP, URI Veränderung,
Benutzer-Protokolle), SSL (OpenSSL), MIME (Konfigurations-System,
Mailcap, Mime-Typen-Dateien), LED Indikatoren, Lesezeichen, Cookies,
ECMAScript (SpiderMonkey), Form History, Globaler Verlauf, Skripte
(Spidermonkey ECMAScript), Goto URL History

I started it with ./elinks 
and then just typed the url I want to visit. But no page I visited was
shown with working javascript. May I have to start elinks like this:

./elinks -enable-javascript (don't works)

Or have I change something in the configuration (or .conf) file? 

Here some sample sites i tried:

Maybe someone can help me

Thank you  :)


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