[elinks-users] Newbie: Using elinks to convert html table to text file for printing on dot matrix printer

Saurabh Singh singh.78 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 03:23:34 PST 2011

Hi All,

I have just discovered elinks in my hunt for a Html->PrettyText solution.

A little background of my use-case:

My java application is formatting some data as html tables (basically
simple reports) and sending them to my users' browser.
This is shown nicely in their graphical browsers (firefox etc) but when
someone wishes to print it on text only (dot matrix) printer, the printer
sees the data as a graphical image and proceeds to print it very slowly.
eg: character C would be printed in 3-4 passes by the printer - making it
very very slow

I am trying to pass this html string via a converter which will convert it
to text, keeping intact the column alignment for tables (i.e. keeping
intact the vertical alignment of cell data across the rows - by adding
extra spaces or wrapping text as required).

   - Can I use elinks in a way where I give it a 'string' which is fully
   formed html page and get the text output which I can then send to the
   user's browser for fast printing?

I am using java code running in tomcat on linux.

Thanks in advance,
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