[elinks-users] elinks seems to be semi-broken on OS X Lion

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo kon at iki.fi
Sat Jul 30 11:04:00 PDT 2011

Daniel Choi <dhchoi at gmail.com> writes:

> If you try alltop.com, you get the error "Unable to retrieve
> http://alltop.com/: Error reading from socket".

I can reproduce this with ELinks 0.11.7 on Mac OS X Lion.
However, ELinks 0.12pre1 and 0.12pre5 appear to work correctly.
Disabling IPv6 support or enabling HTTP compression does not matter.

The incompatibility is apparently not caused by bug 1013
("is_system_error() assumes errno is between 0 and 100000"),
because ELinks 0.12pre1 has that bug and works anyway.

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