[elinks-users] Compile problem

Lars Bjørndal lars at lamasti.net
Wed Jan 4 12:16:58 PST 2012


> Lars Bjørndal <lars <at> lamasti.net> writes:
>> > Are you sure, you got the latest sources of ELinks?
>> > Recent changes were made in November 2011.
>> Thank you for pointing this out. I'm certainly not very familiar with
>> git, and, if I remember correctly, I did 'git checkout' from the elinks
>> directory. Maybe this isn't what I should have done to update it.
> Use
> git pull
> for the update.

Thank you.

>> Anyway, now I was able to compile elinks with ECMAScript. I still have
>> some odd issues:
>> - Elinks crashes, and terminates, if activating some links in my digital bank
>>   account. This happens also if I turn ECMAscript off.
> Did you try to compile with --disable-sm-scripting?

Tried that now, and it works. It would be fine if it also worked; a)
when ECMAscript was compiled in and enabled, or, at least, b) if
ECMAscript was compiled in and disabled in the config.

>> - Using Elinks from within screen, raises problems. The terminal beeps
>>   at every new page load, and the terminal is confused somehow, because
>>   it also beeps when changing screen number. I can workaround this by
>>   attaching to the screen session after setting TERM=vt100, but that
>>   leads to other odd situations with other programs, like emacs.
> What is the value of the the TERM before invoking screen (echo $TERM) and after?

Before: linux

After: screen.linux

> You can change terminal settings in the ELinks (F9 -> Setup -> Terminal options 
> or o (Option manager) -> Terminals). Start changing with the color mode.

I've experimented, but no luck so far. I use "No coloer (mono). It's
also the same after compiling without-sm-scripting.

Thanks and regards,

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