[elinks-users] Compile problem

witekfl gglater62 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 05:48:08 PST 2012

If this bug is reproducible, do:
recompile elinks with --disable-backtrace (yes, --disable, because I don't like 
Make sure, ELinks is compiled with debug symbols.
make V=1 shows -g among flags in this case
After the compilation:
ulimit -c unlimited # for core dumps
(click, click, segfault)
if the "core" or the "core.$pid" file appears in the home directory, run:
gdb path_to_elinks core

In gdb:

Copy the results from the screen and mail it here.
Filenames, function names, variables, and line numbers are usually in backtraces.
Be careful, because your passwords and logins might be visible there.

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