[elinks-users] Newbie: Using elinks to convert html table to text file for printing on dot matrix printer

Stefan Unterweger stefan+elinks at aleturo.com
Thu Jan 12 16:51:06 PST 2012


I realize that this reply might come a wee bit late, but I haven't
really been looking at the mailinglist for some time. If you have found
another solution or don't need it anymore---well, the archive might
still be happy about it. :o)

* Saurabh Singh on Tue, Dec 06, 2011 at 04:53:34PM +0530:
>    - Can I use elinks in a way where I give it a 'string' which is fully
>    formed html page and get the text output which I can then send to the
>    user's browser for fast printing?

Basically you want to use the '-dump' command-line switch, which tells
Elinks to format the page and just dump it as text onto the standard
output. I'm using this for much the same reasons as you, to feed it to
my trusted dot-matrix printer.

If your HTML is a text file, then the incantation looks like this:
% elinks -dump $filename

This works just as well using a pipeline:
% some_command | elinks -dump

There are additional options that control how wide the output should be,
whether to enumerate links and so on. They are listed in the output of
`elinks -help`.


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