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Gray, Steve, Wipro steve.gray.wipro at sonymusic.com
Fri Jul 13 14:54:24 PDT 2012


I am having trouble with the elinks.conf file.  The problem is where I am placing the file.  Currently I have it in the /opt/tribily/bin/elinks directory. In my .profile I have the variable ELINKS_CONFDIR set.  "ELINKS_CONFDIR=/opt/tribily/bin/elinks".  The /opt/tribily/bin/elinks/elinks.conf file has permissions of 777.  I only have a few lines in the elinks.conf file, but I am getting this error "ERROR at home.c:149: Unable to find or create ELinks config directory. Please check if you have $HOME variable set correctly and if you have write permission to your home directory".
I am using elinks in a script that will monitor nginx, i.e. "/opt/tribily/bin/elinks/src/elinks -source "http://$HOST:$PORT/nginx_status" | grep 'Reading' | awk '{print $2}'" Any ideas on why I am getting this error, even though my variable is pointing to the elinks.conf file?

Thank you
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