[elinks-users] A script to use surfraw from the go-to-url dialog box

Manolo Martínez manolo at austrohungaro.com
Mon Jun 25 13:19:16 PDT 2012


This is a very silly script that allows using surfraw searches from
within elinks. To search for Wargames torrents in piratebay, for
example, one would type "!piratebay wargames". I find this useful, and
maybe some others will, too.

Thanks for elinks!


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-- Using surfraw from elinks. To search using an elvi from the Go to URL dialog box, use the xyntax "!elvi your search terms". E.g., to search for 
-- Wargames torrents in piratebay, type "!piratebay wargames" in the Go to URL dialog box.
-- You need to have surfraw installed, obviously, and your lua install should have io.popen.

function match (prefix, url)
    return string.sub (url, 1, string.len (prefix)) == prefix

function tosurfraw (str)
    return "surfraw -p " .. str .. " 2>/dev/null"

function goto_url_hook (url, current_url)
    if match ("!", url) then
        sr = tosurfraw (string.sub (url, 2))
        urlfile = io.popen (sr)
        finalurl = urlfile:read('*all')
        return finalurl

        return url

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