[elinks-users] How to get desired line at the top of the screen

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Sun Dec 15 09:30:53 PST 2013

To cut the long story short: I am looking for a counterpart of "z<Enter>"
in vim editor.

Would be immensely useful to read long articles paragraph by paragraph by
taking the first line of the para at the top of the screen. Would avoid
the feeling of momentary visual discontinuity that a PageDown key crates.

This seems difficult to achieve with just keyboard in elinks unless a
cursor is provided to choose a line of interest and then some key
combination to take the same to the top.

I think it should be possible with a mouse scroll wheel, though A. Some
laptops don't have one (like mine). B. It is still a little irritating on
the eyes.

Would it be possible to make a mouse gesture such as click or double click
on a line to make it become the top line of the view?

Any other suggestions for para-by-para reading?


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