[elinks-users] How to get desired line at the top of the screen

Fabienne Ducroquet fabiduc at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 01:43:24 PST 2013

Le dimanche 15 décembre 2013, Mayuresh a écrit :
> Any other suggestions for para-by-para reading?

There is currently no counterpart of “z<Enter>”, but there are commands 
to scroll up and down by less than a page:
– scroll-up and scroll-down scroll by the number of lines defined in 
Document > Browsing > Scrolling > Vertical step (2 by default). 
scroll-up is bound to Insert and Ctrl-P by default, and scroll-down to 
Delete and Ctrl-N.
– move-half-page-up and move-half-page-down, with no default 

There is also the option Document > Browsing > Scrolling > Vertical 
overlap that allows you to specify a number of lines from the bottom/top 
of the former page to repeat at the top/bottom of the new page after 
a PageDown/PageUp.

> Would it be possible to make a mouse gesture such as click or double click
> on a line to make it become the top line of the view?

It would not be difficult to define a function to put a given line at 
the top, we just need the line’s y-position. Have a look at 
src/viewer/text/view.c, or just at commit 
6211b8e725f95c3c0851e13a93dec4afdb6c1d4e where I added the 
move-half-page-down/up commands.

There are already functions to move the cursor up and down even if there 
is no link so they could be used to select a line with the cursor and 
put it at the top.

There are functions that give the mouse position so I guess it would be possible 
with the mouse too.


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